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The Twitch Press


“One of the best psychedelic rock bands ever! With echoes of Steve Tyler belting out Aerosmith - these guys have it all!”

- Demo Dude


“Aerosmith has a new baby! Rock on dude!”

- Tyler Maniac


“It’s psychedelic, it’s rock, it’s punk and it’s great and we love it!”

- Q Mag


“These guys are what pure rock and roll is! Great sound, great songwriting. The Twitch are the whole package! To see them live is to remember what real rock should sound like.”

- Bill Blogg, Rock Music For Ever



Comments from

Kimmy B Shade: Awesome stuff, much respect!! Keep on rockin, I wish you many success! Greetings


Spirits Of Another Day: Very sweet ! Peace from Sunny Detroit City.


MikeWhitePresents: i wasn't expecting so much funky soul to these tight, melodic rocker tunes..stick some horns on "star maker" and you got Otis rockin out right there! Love the tracks guys and loved listening!


The Pizza Kings: You gotta love that retro rock sound of these guys... nicely done fellows, Rock On - TPK


Shelly Dubois: Great sound! Its so good to hear a 'real' rock band. Keep rawkin'!


Rob Riddell: coooooooooooooooooool rock songs guys


Richard Johnston Music: THE TWITCH!!


Garrett: Some great rock songs... Well done... Love it!


TanGenT-TGT Hi guys, It is great to hear some honest rock in the mix of so much confusion. Good luck to all of you.

hasan homan super music you got here.rock'n roll will never die.rock on my friends...


Giles Matthews: Brilliant ,this is a lesson in rock n roll .

second journey great respect to your awesome work and music, rocking great work


Cemo Mus!ck: Howdy! Top-Notch cool stuff here mate! Keep it up! Cheers from "The Cheeselander"!  *** rockNrolla... Baby! Reviews

Review of Star Maker

like the vibe on this tune. the intro has kind of cool retro sound to it. Maybe a little Lenny Kravitz guitar sound.


enjoyed the tune.


I almost never review an artist twice in one day, but I was too curious not to check this tune out after hearing Freak Flag. I agree with Dazed about the retro vibe. Your hook on this track is just as cool as on your other tune and it draws you in. I hear some early 80's rock influence in this as well. Well done



So the title of the album caught my attention...Fly Your Freak it.


You have a great sound here and I am digging it!





Review of Freak Flage

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I clicked on your link, but I have to admit, I dig it......a lot. The driving bass and solid percs are really moving this track along. Good rock vox are hard to come by and you certainly have them along with a catchy hook. Enjoyed it!



This is one groovin' track and most definitely one I could lose myself in behind the wheel as I cruise the highway.





Comments from

Reviews of No, No, No


cool effect at the beginning, sounds like a crowd I think, oh yeah, it's a neat backup.

what an odd change when the song really gets going, cool, it's almost like ska meets the Clash, or the Cure. without the crappy organs.

This is crazy, it's like 2 songs put together, I think if the drums were a little louder in the slower bits, it might tie the two parts together a little better. Also having a drummer play once through this track as one piece might allow more collusion.

Like the driving parts after 2 minute mark, and the wicked solos.

cool stuff.


Extra credits: Guitars - Billron, Toronto, Ontario Canada



What a change of pace between the verses and choruses...and the bridge too...very unorthodox...but I like it, Bravo!

It's definitely a song that grabs your attention and manages to hold onto it while it meanders down its course during its 3:01 running time.

There are Talking Heads elements in well as some Joe Jackson...definitely has an 80's New Wave foundation to it.

All of the members performances are tight and snappy...coupled with a strong mix on the production side makes this tune sort of like a lunch at the sushi bar. A bunch of different flavors tied together with wasabi and soy.

Yes, yes, yes


Extra Credit: Production, Originality - Pineapple J, Portland, Oregon, USA


Wow...what a change

The first 10 seconds, I thought was going to have to cut it short, but then the song just takes a drastic turn into something really cool...then back to the "Hair Metal" part played to what sounds like "Rock You Like A Hurricane". If it were me, I would forego that entire chorus in lieu of working on this catchy cool beat during the verses. Vocalist is interesting too. Decent voice too.


Rexedog - Collingwood, New Jersey USA


Twisted Metal

Nice intro. totally had me fooled.

I thought it was going to be a Hair-Metal revival track misrepresented by the "Indierawk" moniker.

But when placed with ska-type verses, it strangely makes sense. The tail-end of the verses/transitions have a certain Evangelical vibe. A very theatrical indie rock.

A cleaver mix of Indie Rock and 80's Metal that could send all those aging Metalheads over to the "good side" of Indie Rawk.

Well done.

Extra Credit: Production, Originality Canadianalog - Toronto, Ontario Canada

Manic Depressive Song

I think this song has crazy 80's vibe. Don't worry not that terrible hair band 80's. Okay, maybe a bit, but it's still fun.

This tune goes from the angry depressing riff to a super happy ska-esque riff. It's all over the place. Definitely takes you for a ride, like it or not.


Poorly Drawn Bird - Sudbury, Ontario Canada


“The CD(Freak Flag) sounds like your best, most consistent work so far.”

- Tom Harrison, The Province, Vancouver, BC Canada



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